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Manjam cobines a wide portfolio of Managed Mining Contracts combined with the most profitable and reliable digital assets. Choosing any of our services will provide you with a diversified transparent portfolio with the maximum performance and security


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The blockchain technology has brought to life a new type of assets and thus laid the ground for investments in blockchain assets. Though these new investments are available to everybody worldwide without any restrictions, doing it requires deep expertise in blockchains, understanding of the underlying technology, new ways of decision making and mastery of security tools. The investments in blockchains mining infrastructures are also time-consuming. These factors prevent average users from investing in blockchain mining assets. In this paper, we propose a trusted blockchain-based investment fund that will enable anybody to invest in blockchain mining assets without specific knowledge and without any restrictions. Despite growth opportunities due to blockchain nature of the fund it also has properties that are not inherent to any traditional investment funds, namely, low-cost infrastructure, high security based on multi-signature control, independence from the state-based legal systems, transparent audit-free operations, programmable due diligence, and backing by the liquid assets and solid contracts from the beginning.

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