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The blockchain technology has brought to life a new type of assets and thus laid the ground for investments in blockchain assets. Though these new investments are available to everybody worldwide without any restrictions, doing it requires deep expertise in blockchains, understanding of the underlying technology, new ways of decision making and mastery of security tools.

*What you will need to join:

Scroll through the products available on the website and choose the product of your interest. Click “add to cart”

Once you’ve added to the cart, you are given the option to review your order and adjust the purchased quantity desired.

Note: You can apply your coupon code at this stage.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and proceed to checkout

Fill out your billing details or sign up by clicking on ‘google account’. (Note: You will receive an email with your login information and password for future sign in.) Once you have filled out all the needed information, scroll down to the bottom right corner and choose your preferred payment method which includes the following options:

  • direct bank transfer: once you’ve ‘finalized order’, you will be directed to a page with your order information, including the order number along with an email that includes the order details. In addition, a customer representative will contact you to finalize the payment process. 
  • credit/debit card: Will be available soon. Sign up and be the first to know.” 
  • crypto payment: Once you have finalized the order, a pop-up BTC walled with a scanner code and wallet address will show up on the screen. follow the given instructions to proceed with your purchase.  (preferred option)

If you are in ASEAN Region or prefer to buy with wire transfer you can byt your Bitcoins by clicking bellow banner.